Occupational Therapy for ADHD

Together we can educate and empower parents and teachers to finally see our students with ADHD thrive in school.

It is critical that administrators and general educators have most current knowledge and tools available to meet the needs of learners with ADHD. I am shocked DAILY at how little most adults in the school system report they know about ADHD. 

Too many teachers feel unprepared and stretched thin confused by outdated stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding ADHD . 

We need to focus on empowering the teachers, the stakeholders and the policymakers if we want to help students with ADHD thrive. 

We need to speed up the process of translating research to practice in our public schools and give our respected teachers the knowledge they deserve to succeed . 

OT’s need to STEP UP, own their full scope and get involved.

Occupational therapists have the skills and positioning within the school system to address the functional limitations and participation restrictions associated with ADHD.

The occupational therapists role is essential in knowledge of how to modify the task and environment, educate staff and parents and provide interventions to students so that they can benefit from their educational program.