Everyday I am asked for course recommendations. Check back as this will grow.

Below is the certification course I started with. I recommend this highly.

In a nutshell…

  • 6 courses by the lead experts
  • 30 CE hours
  • leads to a ADHD-RSP certification ( the one for OT) for 2 years
  • and a copy of Barkleys book.

Click here to read more and register and for a limited time discounted link at only $199.00 (its over $600 without the discount) .

Here are courses …

  1. Changing the ADHD Brain – Moving Beyond Medication– Join neuropsychologist and ADHD expert, David Nowell, PhD, for foundational insight on the neuroscience of the ADHD brain that will help you develop a holistic approach to working with adults and children with ADHD. 
  2. Advances in the Management of ADHD: Evidence-Based Medications and Psychosocial Treatments–  Russell A. Barkley, PhD, shares the latest findings that clinicians and ADHD coaches need to know regarding medications for managing ADHD.
  3. Executive Function, ADHD and Stress in the Classroom– Join ADHD and Executive Function expert, Cindy Goldrich, EdM, to gain practical and effective tips, tools, and strategies that help children cooperate and perform to their potential.
  4. ODD, ASD, ADHD & Mood Disorders – Over 50 Behavior-Changing Techniques for Children and Adolescents– Get step-by-step directions for more than 50 techniques to quickly improve the lives of children and adolescents with ADHD. Renowned speaker and author, Jennifer Wilke-Deaton, MA, LPA, shares evidence-based strategies, real-life case studies, and client-friendly worksheets to re-energize your practice and help your young clients:
  5. The Two Attention Disorders: Identifying, Diagnosing, and Managing ADHD vs. SCT
    Dr. Russell Barkley, to learn about a potential new disorder known in research as sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT) that overlaps with ADHD and may impact your treatment strategy.
  6. Smart but Scattered Adults – Manage ADHD by Targeting Executive Skills
    In this section, author and expert, Peg Dawson, Ed.D., NCSP, will provide you with cutting-edge neuroscience on executive functioning and practical strategies to help adults with ADHD overcome the obstacles presented by weak executive skills.


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