ADHD Continuing Education

If you are looking to level up your skills in supporting students with ADHD, check out the different options for ADHD continuing education here.

Most school based caseloads have approximately 80-90% students identified with ADHD.

There are different options for ADHD continuing education, ranging from brief introductory course to full out coaching certifications. Bookmark this page as we update this regularly.

Become a Certified ADHD Professional

This is the course I started with.

In a nutshell…

  • 6 courses by the lead experts
  • 30 CE hours
  • leads to a ADHD-RSP certification ( the one for OT) for 2 years
  • and a copy of Barkleys book.

Click here to read more and register and for a limited time discounted link .

Executive Functions Continuing Education

Executive Function Mastery Course, Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Attention, Memory & Self-Regulation , George McCloskey, Ph.D. | Lynne Kenney, Psy.D. | Kathy Morris, M.Ed., B.S. 18.5 Hours, AOTA Provider 

Certificate Course in Neurological Approaches for Self-Regulation: Techniques for Kids with Autism, ADHD & Sensory Disorders, Varleisha Gibbs, PhD, OTD, OTR/L, AOTA approved provider , PESI 13.75 CE

ADHD: Intervention Strategies for School-Based OTs and SLPs Lori Benson Adams , by Sensational Brain AOTA Provider .15 CEUS

Executive Function And Its Application To Occupational Therapy In School Based Treatment -Jocelynn Wallach 

Cognition and Executive Function: Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention Tools to Improve Participation – LIVE WEBINAR – Four Sessions– Jeryl Benson AOTA Provider  .15 CEUs

Coaching for OTP’s by OT’s

Evidenced based coaching programs and workshops offered for OTP’s run by OT’s. 

Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC)– Dr Fiona Graham 

OPC is an evidence-based intervention for rehabilitation specialists to assist people with disabilities and their caregivers to realise their aspirations for themselves, their loved ones, and their families.

Coaching In Context – Marie-Christine Potvin, PhD, OTR/L 

Coaching in Context, is an ICF aligned, evidenced based coaching approach for college students. Coaching-in-Context can enhance traditional occupational therapy practice, across a variety of settings, in a seamless manner by using active listening, skillful questioning, and reflective responding. Through Jefferson University the founders offer multiple free workshops and certifications. 

Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Certification Training ProgramHélène Thériault- BScOT, MAdEd, PCCFunction First Coaching Inc.-. approved for both CCE and AOTA Approved Provider 

Improve Clinical Outcomes And Empower Your Clients In Partnership With Function First Coaching Inc.Presented by Hélène Thériault, BScOT (reg.), MAdEd, PCC

Coach Approach for Healthcare ProfessionalsHélène Thériault- BScOT, MAdEd, PCC

ADHD Continuing Education : Coaching Certifications

Professional ADHD Coach

In order to be recognized as a Professional ADHD Coach, one must either have completed a fully integrated ADHD Coach Training Program, or completed at least 60 hours of ICF-compliant life coach training plus at least 35 hours of ADHD coach training from recognized sources. International Coaching Federation (ICF)- ICF offers the most globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners.  

In addition, there are two governing bodies that help keep ADHD coaches accredited and up to best practice. 

  • Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) The primary mission of PAAC is to independently credential coaches who want to work with people impacted by ADHD. PAAC also accredits organizations that train people to become ADHD coaches. 
  • ADHD Coaches Association  (ACO)The ACO is a worldwide professional membership organization for ADHD coaches. 

Fully Integrated ADHD Coach Training Programs

The following are the recognized sources of ADHD Coach training, these are considerably large investments of time and money. They earn you the credential of a Certified ADHD Life Coaches (CALC) and can include the mentoring hours required. These courses are not AOTA approved providers of CE. 

Specialty Track ADHD Coach Training Programs 

The following courses are both AOTA approved providers of CE and ICF approved hours to be used towards your ICF certification. 

  • PTS Coach Academy – Parent ADHD Coaching, Cindy Goldrich- This is the training I took and is now an AOTA approved provider . I recommend it highly if you will be leading group or individual parent coaching sessions. AOTA Approved Provider .
  • Dive Into a Coach Approach™ Certification Training ProgramHélène Thériault- BScOT, MAdEd, PCC Function First Coaching Inc.-. approved for both CCE and AOTA Approved Provider

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